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updated 6:54 AM SAST, Mar 14, 2031
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BISON: The newest construction solution

BISON is the name of the newest solution for the continuous mixing travelling operations. This is the result of many years invested in R&D to provide a combination of high capacity plant, with the finest batching accuracy, all compacted within the size of a standard transportable trailer.

The main highlights of the BISON machine (it cannot be described as a plant), are very significant:

  • Granted performance up to 500 ton/hr 
  • The perfect weighing accuracy suitable to produce Uni En 206-1 concrete quality 
  • 4 hours installation time without any crane thanks to the hydraulic self erection system 
  • Low profile and minimal footprint to operate within any site restriction 
  • Driving on any road with standard trailer

All these features make BISON the SIMEM most efficient solution for a wide range of applications: ranging from large civil works where RCC is adopted for dams and massive pours, to concrete paving projects such as airports or channels, or road basements and surface. The BISON features include a range of batching special devices to also produce cold asphalt mix and asphalt made of recycled products, or foamed bitumen mix and “econocrete” which are generally specified for innovative pavement solutions (drain, environmentally mix, etc…).

www.asphalt-equipment.co.za is the distributor of BISON in Sub-Saharan Africa, visit them at the African Construction and Totally Concrete Expo at the outdoor exhibition,  stand number 005. 

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