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updated 6:54 AM SAST, Mar 14, 2031
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PROALL Reimer gets to mix with the best

History was made at this year’s SARMA Readymix Conference by ProAll and Reimer SA when the first continuous concrete production plant was officially accredited by SARMA. This unit owned by SSBR (joint venture Stefanutti Stocks and Basil Read) is currently working for Eskom at the Kusile Power Station project.

Shortly after the announcement was made that ProAll Reimer Mixers have been accepted and accredited by the Southern Africa Readymix Association (SARMA), a similar unit was purchased by 3Q Mahuma Concrete. Although the ProAll Reimer Mixers have been available in the market for some time now, a thorough certification process had to be followed to ensure the trucks could produce concrete of a consistent standard to meet the association's strict requirements.

Reimer SA markets and supports a unique readymix system that allows dry cement, aggregates and other ingredients of concrete to be transported to site and mixed to specification. The system therefore is able to overcome the challenge of ensuring concrete is fresh when being transported over long distances and can metre-out small amounts at many different sites in a day without the risk of the concrete losing slump.

With sophisticated metering systems aboard the ProAll Reimer Mixers, exact quantities of raw materials are fed into the screw auger and can be batched to meet each individual customer’s requirements along the way – i.e. strength, consistency, workability etc. An immediate printout acts as certification of the mix for onsite record keeping purposes and is recorded for purposes of proof of delivery of supplier. The unmixed product remains usable. 

“For our members the advantages of having a ProAll Reimer Mixer of this sort in their fleets are many and the accreditation of the system means that they can rest assured that it is able to produce the same consistent quality as their existing batching plants.”

“Certification follows a lengthy verification process in which Go Consult train the operator, do the mix designs, determine the settings and maintain quality control. SARMA officials audited the manufacturer’s systems for accreditation. They also measured the performance and quality of the system against stated outputs. Only then, once they were satisfied that the PROALL Reimer Mixer units met performance criteria were they able to certify South Africa’s first continuous concrete production plant ,” said Johan van Wyk, general manager of SARMA.

He concluded that the new system would provide members with a viable means of extending their reach into remote areas and allows them to measure out smaller quantities to clients who would usually have no other option but to settle for less reliable site mixing options.

Sarma, Johan van Wyk, Tel: (011) 791 3327, Fax: 086 647 8034, Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Web: http://www.sarma.co.za

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