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updated 6:54 AM SAST, Mar 14, 2031
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Zimbabwe: construction of largest inland dam completed

Zimbabwe: construction of largest inland dam completed Zimbabwe: construction of largest inland dam completed

The construction of the largest inland dam in Zimbabwe, Tokwe Mukorsi Dam, has been completed. Construction of the dam began in June 1998 and suffered various challenges, including an unplanned rising reservoir which caused upstream evacuations.

The $200-million project was intended for flood control, irrigation, fisheries and water storage.  It is anticipated that the giant dam will spark widespread development of property  and commercial activity in and around Masvingo  Province, especially in agriculture and tourism.

A hotel is expected to be built, creating about 700 jobs, in anticipation of increased tourism activity.

Finance and Economic Development Minister Patrick Chinamasa, confirmed that the gigantic reservoir was now storing water. A committee had been put in place to draw up a master plan to open 26 000 hectares of irrigation land.

The 15-MW hydro power station being installed at the dam was expected to be commissioned by the end of 2015. This is expected to significantly contribute to the power deficit currently being experienced by Zimbabwe.  The dam is 90,3 m tall and creates a 1, 750 000 000-cubic metre reservoir, making it the largest inland dam in the country.

Construction of the dam was undertaken by an Italian firm, Salini Impregilo.

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