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updated 6:54 AM SAST, Mar 14, 2031
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Last chance to enter AfriSam-SAIA Awards for Sustainable Architecture + Innovation

There is just under a month before entries close for the 2015/2016 AfriSam-SAIA Award for Sustainable Architecture + Innovation. The bi-annual awards recognise contributions that bring sustainable innovation to human living environments through an integrated approach to communities, planning, design, architecture, building practice, natural systems and technology.

This year Sustainable Products and Technology and Sustainable Social Programmes join the Sustainable Architecture and Research in Sustainability categories.

This means that a full scope of visionaries in sustainable architecture, construction and innovation will now be recognised by the prestigious award.

“The role of architects and their project partners in ensuring South Africa plays its part in the global journey to sustainability is really emphasised by these awards.

They also recognise that we are now in a new era that regards sustainable design as an integral part of the building industry from the very start of a project, “comments AfriSam’s CEO Stephan Olivier.

The broadening of the scope of the 2015/2016 AfriSam-SAIA Award for Sustainable Architecture + Innovation to four categories is in step with important advances both in South Africa and globally.

Both SAIA and AfriSam support this global shift: SAIA through encouraging its members to incorporate sustainability in building design at an early stage and AfriSam by its commitment to sustaining the environment through responsible manufacturing processes.
All four categories are geared towards the recognition of regenerative whole systems design.

Project entries are required to demonstrate their positive impact through the embodiment of sound sustainable practices, carrying the hallmarks of great architectural or social design and demonstrating innovative thinking in the field of sustainability.

To support this, four key criteria will be considered by the adjudicators - Harmonisation, People Upliftment, Evolutionary Paradigm and Placemaking Performance.

Visit www.sustainabledesign.co.za to enter

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