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updated 6:54 AM SAST, Mar 14, 2031
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'3D printing material to remain a niche market'

Concrete.TV interviewed Dr Wolfram Schmidt of the Federal Institute for Materials, Research and Testing, Germany about the future of 3D material

and the fact that it is still considered a niche market. 

Concrete and cement market is largely mass produced which does not require 3D material. Schmidt states that ''For 90 percent of the market it would be best to utilise conventional technology for different reasons''. To apply 3D printing a large amount of money would need to be invested in admixtures to make the concrete flow able and hard.

On this issue Concrete.TV previously spoke to Daniel van der Merwe about what he calls "the third revolution of the construction industry". He predicts that 3D printing will revolutionize the construction process in the same way mass production ejected hand production into the age of industrialization. 

3D printing allows the designer to be in total control of the manufacturing process and is in this way able to customise to the needs of customers on a scale unknown before. On-site printing of construction materials will not only make precast and moulds obsolete but will also reduce waste in a significant manner. http://concrete.tv/video/item/2983-pr...

www.Concrete.TV – Camera Nawaal Deane, Edit: Anna Sacco, Text: Justin Marthinus 
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['3D printing material to remain a niche market' [construction]]

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