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updated 6:54 AM SAST, Mar 14, 2031
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Feature: Waterproofing & Repair 2014

Extending the life of concrete buildings

Penetron® is a chemical concrete additive providing total concrete protection to commercial, industrial, infrastructural and residential developments. Penetron® improves the durability of concrete, thereby substantially lengthening the lifespan of structures. In addition, the Penetron® suite of Total Concrete Protection products is used for concrete waterproofing, protection and repair. Penetron® may be added at the time of batching or applied post-construction to a suitably prepared surface from the negative and positive side. The crystalline action self-heals cracks up to 0.4mm and remains active...

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A global brand for the waterproofing and construction industry

BASF shares its Master Builders Solutions® brand in this video showcasing how BASF works globally. Master...

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Reducing long-term repair costs of a concrete structure

Kryton’s award-winning Krystol Technology is by far unique in terms of not just its chemical properties...

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Becoming a member of the Waterproofing & Roofing Association

The Waterproofing and Roofing Association (WARAC) is committed to the upliftment of the industry as a...

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